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Angel Energy | Ritual Crystal Infused Aura Spray

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Ritual Crystal Infused Aura Spray

Keep your space clear + radiating with positive heavenly vibes with our Angel Energy Crystal Infused Aura Spray. Add a refresh to any room, spray for clearing negative energy, or before performing manifestation rituals.

Angel - A soft and serene scent of wildflower fields, sweet coconut and warm sandalwood.

Crystals- rose quartz • clear quartz • blue calcite• topaz

Affirmation- I am divinely connected to the angelic realm 

3.4 oz

Non Toxic • Phthalate Free• Vegan Friendly• Skin Safe

 Hand curated with a proprietary blend of natural alcohol, plant extracts + fine fragrance

please note- we are in a trial phase of these current spray vessels, subject to change style/color of container based on ease of use and availability 🪽